Artist Detail 作家情報詳細

Artist Name

内田 雅峯
ウチダ ガホウ


  • ジャンル: 書・篆刻
  • 出身地: 東京都
  • 生年: --
  • 経歴: 中国各地書画院展金賞 他受賞多、西泠印社国際展入選3回、個展8回、破体書
  • 所属団体/役職名: 国際破体書法家聯合会主席導師、江西省人文書画院高級芸術顧問揮毫師、南京長江書画芸術院教授、明星網顧問、東洋書芸会評議員、別号:香華
  • Genre: Calligraphy (Hataisho) (Tenkoku)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Birth Year: --
  • Personal History: Gold Medal of Contemporary Art Galleries from China and other awards, Xilingyinshe International exhibition 3, private exhibition 8, HATAI-Calligraphy
  • Membership/Title: The chief Instructor in the Federation of International Hatai Calligraphy Experts, and High-Quality Art Consultant and Calligrapher in the Human Calligraphy Academy in Jiangxi, Nanjing Changiang Drawing Art Institute professor, Myojyo Advisor, a conference member of the Oriental Calligraphic Art Association, Another name:KOUKA

“Tomorrow is another day”


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