Artist Detail 作家情報詳細

Artist Name

渡辺 賢治
ワタナベ ケンジ



  • ジャンル: 洋画
  • 出身地: 愛知県
  • 生年: 1946
  • 経歴: 1993 ミレーフランス展入賞、1996 第1回水上杏平ノミネート展認定、トルコ世界美術展特別賞、フランス・カンヌ国際芸術祭展芸術文化遺産認定作家
  • 所属団体/役職名: I(愛)協会代表、ミレー友好協会日本支局正会員、アートサークルKURA代表
  • Genre: European Style Painting
  • Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
  • Birth Year: 1946
  • Personal History: Received the award in the 1992 Millet France Exhibition, qualified in the 1996 First Kyohei Minakami Nominate Exhibition, received a special award in the Turkey World Art Exhibition, approved artist as art and cultural heritage in the Cannes International Art Festival Exhibition in France.
  • Membership/Title: Representative of I (Love) Association, regular member of Japan Branch of Millet Friendship Association, and representative of Art Circle KURA




”Akabane Long Beach”


”Morning Time”


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