Artist Detail 作家情報詳細

Artist Name

西田 亨
ニシダ トオル



  • ジャンル: 洋画
  • 出身地: 岡山県
  • 生年: 1920
  • 経歴: 日展会員賞、委5、特2無2、光風会展会員賞3他、安井賞展5、勲三等
  • 所属団体/役職名: 光風会名誉会員、日展参与・審
  • Genre: Western Style Painting
  • Birthplace: Okayama Prefecture
  • Birth Year: 1920
  • Personal History: Received the Nitten Member Award, selected five times and specially selected twice in the Nitten Exhibition. Exhibited his work without examination twice also in Nitten Exhibition. Received the Member Award in the Kofukai Exhibition three times, etc., and exhibited his work in the Yasui Award Exhibition. Received the Third Order of Merit.
  • Membership/Title: The honorary member of Kofukai, the councilor and an examiner of Nitten

“Snow Capped Zao Ryu-zan Mountain” exhibited in the 42nd Nitten Exhibition
“One Day in Mihara Mountain”
“Valley in Autumn (Suwa Gorge)”


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