Artist Detail 作家情報詳細

Artist Name

清水 正教
シミズ マサノリ


  • ジャンル: 洋画
  • 出身地: 長野県
  • 生年: 1940
  • 経歴: 文部大臣奨励賞(新芸術展)、カナダ美術賞展D賞・買上収蔵、P.アンビーユと俊英作家展大賞、ベルギー国際大賞展金メダル、国際美術大賞展評論家賞
  • 所属団体/役職名: 元 新芸術協会副理事長、日本美術家連盟会員
  • Genre: Western Style Painting
  • Birthplace: Nagano Pref.
  • Birth Year: 1940
  • Personal History: Received Incentive Award from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (New Art Exhibition), D-Prize at Canada Art Competition (his work was purchased and included in the collection of the museum in Canada), received grand prize at P. Ambille and Other Excellent Artists Exhibition, gold medal at Belgium International Art Grand Prize Exhibition, and Critics Prize at International Art Grand Prize Exhibition.
  • Membership/Title: Once Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors in New Art Society, a member of Japan Artists Association

「空爆の残響」 F100号、油彩
“Reverberation of Air Raid” F100 , oil painting

「残された風景」 F100、油彩

 “The scenery which was left” F100 , oil painting

「崩壊と静寂」 F100号、油彩

“Breakdown and quietness” F100 , oil painting


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