Artist Detail 作家情報詳細

Artist Name

坂倉 禮一
サカクラ レイイチ



  • ジャンル: 工芸
  • 出身地: 東京都
  • 生年: 1930
  • 経歴: 日本ギリシャ交流芸術大賞、ベルリン芸術グランプリ大賞、現展連続入選、日本芸術文化功労顕彰、伝工日本の名匠認定、日本美術評論家大賞、国際芸術文化名誉賞
  • 所属団体/役職名: 新自在会会長、七国窯主宰
  • Genre: Craft
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Birth Year: 1930
  • Personal History: Received the Japan-Greece Cultural Exchange Art Grand Prize and Berlin Art Grand Prize, continuously selected in the Modern Artists Association Exhibition, received Japan Art and Culture Merit Award, and recognized as the Japanese Master-hand in traditional crafts. Received the Japan Art Critics Grand Prize and International Art and Culture Honorary Award.
  • Membership/Title: The chairman of the Shin-Jizai-Kai and the organizer of Shichikoku-Gama

“Jar with Partly Ceramic Deformation during Firing”
“Large Pot with Ceramic Deformation during Firing”
“Celadon Large Pot with flown glaze pattern”


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