Artist Detail 作家情報詳細

Artist Name

山本 眞輔
ヤマモト シンスケ



  • ジャンル: 彫刻
  • 出身地: --
  • 生年: 1939
  • 経歴: 藝術院賞、日展 内閣総理大臣賞、会員賞、特選2回、無監査2回、依嘱3回、日彫展 西望賞、イタリア留学2回、欧遊4回、個展6回
  • 所属団体/役職名: 日本藝術院会員、日展理事、日本彫刻会理事長、白日会常任委員
  • Genre: Sculpture
  • Birthplace: --
  • Birth Year: 1939
  • Personal History: The Japan Art Academy Award, Prime Minister’s Prize and Member Award and the highest honors 2, not submitted to the jury 2, entrusting 3, NITTEN Saibou Prize, studying in Italy 2, travel in Europe 4, private exhibition 6 times
  • Membership/Title: The Japan Art Academy member, Director of NITTEN, Chairman of the board of director for Japan Art Sculpture Association, Committee of Hakujitsu-kai


“Wait for the summer sea”


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